ServoOne junior _ small and full of ideas

The ServoOne junior is the youngest and smallest product in the ServoOne family. Optimized for the lower power output range, it comes with all the technological genes present in the rest of the family. So full functional compatibility and continous handling within the ServoOne family is guaranteed at all times.

  ● Maximum performance in three compact designs 

  ● 3.0 - 8.0 A rated current with 1/ 3 x 230 V AC mains power supply 

  ● 2。0 - 6。5 A rated current with 3 x 400 - 480 V AC mains power supply

The ServoOne-Junior effortlessly combines cost-optimization, minimal size and maximum functionality. The integration of high-speed field bus systems as well as the latest encoder interfaces such as the digital EnDat 2.2 interface demonstrates clearly once again that future-proofing and flexibility remain cornerstones of our development efforts. Extensive Motion Control functions provide a wide variety of potential solutions. Fully pluggable connections ensure rapid installation and commissioning of the ‚junior‘.

Thanks to its 300 % overload capacity, the ServoOne junior is ideally suited to highly dynamic motion tasks, particularly with linear motors.

Here, too, we have considered the safety of your machine.The ServoOne junior’s SIL 3-certified STO functionality means it can be integrated into your safety concept as part of the LTi Safe Motion architecture. Combined with the programmable Safe Monitoring Control (SMC), standard speed-dependent functions and a wide variety of position-dependent functions can be safely monitored.



  • ServoOne junior
  • ServoOne
  • CDA3000HF/CDD3000HF/CDS4000
  • CDF3000
  • CDE3000
  • CDD3000
  • CDB3000
  • C-line


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