Advant OCS withmasterSoftware

Advant OCS(开放式控制系统)是ABB为操作者改善他们的批量生产力和取得可持续的竞争优势所提供的一套解决方案。 基于在20世纪80年代的成功,Master系统于1992年开始了它向Advant OCS的进化。进化引进了高容量的控制器以及冗余配置经改良的I/O,同时也包括了现代的Unix操作系统工作站。1996年在原有的模块式远程I/O上,新增了S800系列I/O模块。

2000年,带Master软件的Advant OCS 开始了下一步的更新过程,从而引进了需由工业IT(信息技术)激活的产品。随着这些技术的提高,以及ABB为顾客不断提供的最新控制器的信息,ABB将延承关于保护顾客投资的承诺。

Industrial IT System 800xA Asset Optimization
ABB's IndustrialIT System 800xA provides the real-time Plant Asset Management solution that presents real-time asset information seamlessly, and in the proper context, to operations, maintenance, engineering, and management.

With 800xA Asset Optimization, continuous improvement initiatives such as plant-wide adoption of predictive and proactive maintenance strategies minimize unscheduled shutdowns and optimize product quality. These initiatives result in a higher return on assets, and ultimately operational excellence.

Advant Controllers

The Advant OCS withmasterSW product family includes well proven industrial process control systems based on the ABBmasterheritage. These are high performance process controllers for binary, regulatory and supervisory control, the ideal choice for demanding applications in industrial environments.

Advant controllers can be used either stand alone or preferably as an integrated part of an 800xA system.

Advant Engineering Tools

Advant Engineering Products provide applications for efficient and intuitive configuration and programming of Advant Control Systems withmasterSoftware.



With Advantmastersystem, new capabilities can be added at the required pace. Exploit the existing infrastructure and the investments already made by upgrading to the latest Advant or System 800xA functionality. ABB ensures a minimum downtime and maximum investment protection.

Upgrade offers:
MasterView and AdvaCommand workstations to System 800xA Process Portal without any downtime

MasterPiece 200/1 to Advant Controller 450 and retain all the money and competence invested in the controller application, I/O and field wiring

MasterPiece 200/1 and/or Advant Controller 450 to AC 800M and reuse investments in application, process I/O and field wiring.

S400 I/O to S800 I/O
To modernize and integrate the control system environment is vital preparation for future functionality. Read more at System Evolution.




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